Our highly-efficient LED technology saves money in your Cleanroom

LED Technology in Cleanrooms

A decrease in costs and an increase in quality thanks to our ceiling systems with integrated LED lighting.

Cost reduction is increasingly important in Cleanrooms as well. Hence, OCTANORM offers a new ceiling system with LED lights integrated directly into the ceiling extrusions. The advantage is, that significantly more ceiling area remains free than with large-scale lighting, making it possible to cover big areas with Filter Fan Units,  increasing the quality of the Cleanroom class achievable.

But this is not the only advantage of LED technology: for one, the energy cost of LEDs, compared to T5 lighting, is between 17-60% lower. In a 500 m2 room, this means savings of up to €1,800 per year. Furthermore, LEDs emit a lot less heat than conventional lighting, decreasing the need for Cleanroom cooling systems.

In addition, the cost for changing light bulbs decreases considerably, since the lifespan of LEDs is twice as long compared to conventional lighting technologies. Since ceiling lights in Cleanrooms are often difficult to access due to machinery or electrical installations, changing them is often accompanied by production impairments or even interruptions.

But not only are the low costs an advantage, the light quality is as well: LEDs produce an even, glare-free light, especially if they are integrated into the ceiling the way ours are.

Even though the initial investment is higher compared to conventional lighting, the modern technology pays off rather quickly. We guarantee a minimum life span of 40,000 operating hours for our LEDs – that’s approximately 10 years in a company with 250 work days a year, working double shifts. Conventional T5 or T8 lamps have an average life expectancy of 20,000 working hours but start gradually becoming darker long before that.

We know we convince you of the advantages of our state of the art LED technology. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to

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